Welcome to my Movie/Game!

My Top 2 Movie

Scott Pilgram vs. The World

This movie was about this young man name Scott Pilgram that is trying to find himself in the game called life. He is a bass guitarist in a Garage band and 5 other members where one he used to date. Then he met Romona the girl of his dream where he found some meaning in life at a cost. Romona has seven evil Ex's that are really angry at Scott Pilgram for dating her. So in order to love Romona he must defeat her evil Ex's but he will find out it is not really all that easy. He will soon find is his life does have meaning or is it just a Game.

Stars Wars Force Awakens

This movie was really good it picks up some years after the death star was blown up. Now there the Resistance is still there becasue a new empire has took over and has made its name known "The First Order". Its a good movie it good for Star wars veterians but beginers should start with the first one than at this new one.